Hard to Leave

chives flowers at dusk

Nights like this it’s hard to leave

Missouri.  Nights when the sun is so smug

in his setting he forgets to scorch and instead

waxes landscapes in champagne lusters,


when humidity is absent-

minded enough to forget her chores and leave

my skin unsweated in a soft breeze,


when ticks and chiggers are busy with other bodies

and bullfrogs’ churn runs rich and smooth

as homemade ice cream and each cricket’s

chirp is cute as baby fireflies learning

to wink their splash of stars for the first time.


when hay bales glisten in shorn fields and dinner steams

beside candles on the porch and my wife’s light

laugh chimes over raccoons frolicking in the dumpster.


Nights like this, it’s hard to leave,


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