Lombok: Not Yet, Paradise

Not Yet, Paradise

Lombok, August 2013

Sengiggi Sunset
Senggigi Sunset

A certain pleasure drips from the dawn’s soft glow,

a sure peace rises as a mist over the curling waves,

a hand like liquid fire grips all under the rising sun.

Morning rings over the not-so-distant volcano—dark slumber

jolts in favor of the blue, of the cascading surf, of the gentle

voices greeting the light.  We watch, my wife and I, behind

the terrace’s tinted glass.  From the folds of arms and smiles,

from an awakening to life charmed far beyond merit, from

gratitude of witnessing mountains folded up from sea, sharp

Good morning, Lombok
Good morning, Lombok (can you spot the Bali Sea?)

as palms’ blades and clacking life in the yellow crystal of dawn,

we step forth onto stone forged deep in earth’s furnaces.  We

step to the lip of the sea this earth-born life was hewn from.

Others call scenes as these Paradise:

The forenoon lemonade
The forenoon lemonade

Sunrises hailed by steaming coffee and honeyed wedges

of fruit, forenoon spent in stripes of sun and shade

filtering through swaying fronds, midday’s baths

Snorkel man and gear.  Not pictured, Sunburned Back.
Snorkel man and gear. Not pictured, Sunburned Back.

in coral rich as any Crayola set, among wide-eyed

fish brighter shades than any highlighters, and sundown

finds us showered and strolling fearlessly through sand

and onset of shadows and breezes thick and fibrous as

bamboo roots. We taste life netted from the sea and ranged

over fire whipped from dried coconut shells.  Rice is good too.

When our eyes will finally sink to inevitable sleep, we

suspect what our waking will hold.  We have seen already

its promises.  We don’t resist the heavy pull, the edging

black at our vision.

Sengiggi Beach at night, seen from our restaurant
Sengiggi Beach at night, seen from our restaurant

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