347 lbs

That’s all we have left to live on in Jakarta.   It’s a ridiculous amount to reduce your possessions to, at least after spending the last five years unknowingly hoarding a houseful of stuff in America.   It’s also a ridiculous amount to manhandle through luggage check-ins and customs screenings.   But reducing your earthly… Continue reading 347 lbs

Interview with New York

When I met him, it was a warm day in June, hazy and humid under skyscrapers and drifting clouds.  I rode right into his belly on the New Jersey transit, and was immediately struck by his bravado, by his artistic gaze, by his gaudiness and his pull-back-your-sleeves-and-get-busy work ethic rolled up into one.  Right away… Continue reading Interview with New York

DC: City of __________

So there’s the City of Lights, the City by the Bay, the City on Seven Hills, the Windy City, the City that Never Sleeps, but returning from a couple days in Washington, I’m left wondering about a fitting nickname for this little mystery. “City of Marble” quickly comes to mind—after all, you can’t go a… Continue reading DC: City of __________

Kadillac Ranch — Amarillo TX

The grills are buried so symmetrically and fins spiked so precisely, so aligned, that in the whip of earthbound dust and heave of heaven’s blue, we know it’s by design.   We gather there, we passing masses dragged from freeway travel, all to leave our mark on rusted hulls, these psychedelic flags which speak to… Continue reading Kadillac Ranch — Amarillo TX

Book Review — Every Seed Of the Pomegranate

Every Seed of the Pomegranate, Every Perspective of the War Sullivan, David Allen. Every Seed of the Pomegranate. Tebot Bach, 2012. 116 pp. $16. Paperback In his preface to Every Seed of the Pomegranate, poet David Allen Sullivan recounts his initial trepidation at crafting a book of Iraq War poems as a civilian who “had… Continue reading Book Review — Every Seed Of the Pomegranate

I Swear It’s Not Another Food Blog

For a guy moving himself off to Jakarta in a month, I’ve eaten surprisingly little Indonesian food—none, in fact, because Google knows of no place within a hundred miles serving such fare.  So it was a fateful day indeed when Andy and I stumbled across a some-assembly-required salsa packet for Nasi Goreng. And so this… Continue reading I Swear It’s Not Another Food Blog