Maldives: Gems on a Shoestring?

“I have a problem.” Those were the first words the owner spoke to us.  Fresh from ninety minutes of sapphire oceans lapping sweetly at the lazy hull of our ferry, fresh from a sea-breezed nap on the sun-drenched top deck, fresh off cruising the palm-studded isles draped in royal luxury, through the ancient spice isles,… Continue reading Maldives: Gems on a Shoestring?

Lombok: Not Yet, Paradise

Not Yet, Paradise Lombok, August 2013 A certain pleasure drips from the dawn’s soft glow, a sure peace rises as a mist over the curling waves, a hand like liquid fire grips all under the rising sun. Morning rings over the not-so-distant volcano—dark slumber jolts in favor of the blue, of the cascading surf, of… Continue reading Lombok: Not Yet, Paradise