Golden Yangon

  I’d never met a Burmese rapper before, so of course I didn’t know what to do. Shake hands? Fist bump? Get jiggy with it?   What? People don’t say that anymore? You mean they never did? Are you sure? How about letting the dogs out—does that fit here?   Anyway, I only had a… Continue reading Golden Yangon

Pondering Phuket

  The Preconceptions: It’s Vegas without the casinos—Sin City when it stops believing sin exists. It’s a spring break bender on a golden beach where spring is endless, time immaterial, and there’s never any reality to return to. Liquor rains and cocaine snows and the bass beats the rhythm of flesh under it all.  … Continue reading Pondering Phuket

Sri Lanka 1: Thinking Deep in the Kandy Temple

“This has got to be a sick joke,” I muttered, “Buddha’s tooth in the Candy Temple?” “It’s Kandy, with a K,” Andy said from behind the Canon’s lens.  “But good point.” Normally, such corny jokes plumb the full extent of my deep thinking, but finally stepping foot onto the fabled Ceylon soil, onto the emerald… Continue reading Sri Lanka 1: Thinking Deep in the Kandy Temple