Recipe for a Cable Cook-off

    In some ways, I feel more American now that I don’t live in America.  Case in point: I now have a TV and 70 channels.  Granted, half the stations don’t come in well enough to watch them and stay sane, and half of the rest are in Bahasa—but even so it’s still considerably… Continue reading Recipe for a Cable Cook-off

Singapore: The Merlion Gurgles and Roars

I’ve seen Singapore lifted to a golden pedestal, settled atop a gilded column glowing in fanciful sunset light, ever since I arrived in Jakarta.  That’s right: Jakarta fawns over Singapore. You’ll never see trash on the ground, I was told.  The subway’s clean enough to eat off the floor.  They’ve tamed the heat and roaches… Continue reading Singapore: The Merlion Gurgles and Roars