When I’m Mayor 2: El in the MRT

Good morning, fellow citizens.  It’s my privilege to come before you once again and present a bit more of my mayoral campaign platform.  After all, the election is quickly approaching.  Today, I’m addressing a problem of considerable concern to our fair city: the traffic. As it now stands, traffic is the unsightly stranglehold of Jakarta. … Continue reading When I’m Mayor 2: El in the MRT

When I’m Mayor: Ban the Bajaj

Elections are around the corner, and as Indonesia’s president nears the completion of his second term, the race will go to a newcomer, a presidential rookie, an executive greenhorn, a leader wet behind the ears, a—well, you get the picture. But what interests me more is that, from what I’m told, one of the frontrunners… Continue reading When I’m Mayor: Ban the Bajaj