Indonesia v. Liverpool FC

Jakarta, July 20, 2013 Flares sizzle, hiss, and menace angry orange, smoke pours from mouths of pounding fireworks, and the chants and rants of frantic, unison youth rumble and split the sticky fog of sweat and fumes.   On the pitch, men sprint and kick, give rise to frenzied shouts of hordes ringing round, hordes… Continue reading Indonesia v. Liverpool FC

New Home

  Sometimes I wake and walk outside to a world that smells funny.  I don’t think I’m the only one—probably 20 million other Jakartians could say the same.  No one can really explain what it is, though.  Maybe it’s ten million motorbikes’ exhaust trapped under tropical clouds sagging heavy under the weight of their water… Continue reading New Home

347 lbs

That’s all we have left to live on in Jakarta.   It’s a ridiculous amount to reduce your possessions to, at least after spending the last five years unknowingly hoarding a houseful of stuff in America.   It’s also a ridiculous amount to manhandle through luggage check-ins and customs screenings.   But reducing your earthly… Continue reading 347 lbs