Gili Monsters

Gili Monsters   Late night, dark jungle, three foreigners under a dull yellow bulb in an un-walled bamboo hut—and they’re angry. They’ve been in sun all day, snorkeling, swimming, hiking, lounging—and now, with bellies full of seaside eats, with minds and bodies worn to a sunburned nub, they’ve come to their lodging, to a quiet… Continue reading Gili Monsters

I Heart Lombok

Two beauties beckon from the crystal seas. Bali calls from her jungle hills and her hollow temples; she draws you close in dazzling colors and wraps you in the wonder of her fabled name. Bali—a fading star who knows her dark charms: ricefields rife with stone demons scowling, gentle drip of water into rippling pools,… Continue reading I Heart Lombok

The Trouble with Gili T

I pity the fool who believes what the guidebooks say about Gili T. What?  The Mr. T theme doesn’t work?  The joke’s been made too many million times?  OK.  Fine. I’m good without it. . . It’s easier to type without all these gold chains and feather earrings anyway. Anyway, as I was saying, the… Continue reading The Trouble with Gili T

Lombok: Not Yet, Paradise

Not Yet, Paradise Lombok, August 2013 A certain pleasure drips from the dawn’s soft glow, a sure peace rises as a mist over the curling waves, a hand like liquid fire grips all under the rising sun. Morning rings over the not-so-distant volcano—dark slumber jolts in favor of the blue, of the cascading surf, of… Continue reading Lombok: Not Yet, Paradise