A Day in Mandalay

City of shady wheelers and whiplash dealers, full of narrow alleys and sweaty cash and jewelers tucked away in dusty corners: two thousand glances from two thousand strangers’ faces. It’s a stained parking garage and it’s a cage of muscle-rippling, thunder-rumbling guard-dogs the owner himself is afraid to enter. It’s a city with rubies squirreled… Continue reading A Day in Mandalay

The Road to Mandalay

  “We’re not lost,” Seinn smiled at us from the front seat of the SUV. “There’s some construction, so we have to take this ro—” a huge crater slammed the front wheel down to the substrata of the earth’s crust and tossed Seinn from her seat and into the troposphere. She landed with a hopeless… Continue reading The Road to Mandalay