Sri Lanka 7: Kandy Botanical Gardens

I’ve witnessed a million bats tear-drop from limbs of a hundred ancient trees, and I’ve heard their godless squawking ringing through mid-morning’s breeze, and I’ve turned to my wife and said I thought these crazy guys belonged to the night.  Why won’t they shut up? I’ve strolled beneath the zig-limbs’-zag of squat trees growing themselves… Continue reading Sri Lanka 7: Kandy Botanical Gardens

Sri Lanka 5: Kaudulla Crazy Right

Crazy Right My first safari, and we hit the trail in the family car. Crazy, right? Right. Here’s what I remember: Late afternoon, sun washing over Ceylon plains and golden light spilling through humid treetops and I rush to buy park passes. A driveway loaded with jeeps and one family’s compact SUV because we thought… Continue reading Sri Lanka 5: Kaudulla Crazy Right

Romania, October 2013

I finally got back to Romania after almost six years gone.  It’s my wife’s homeland, my second home, and a certain blessing every time I return.   This trip was especially memorable since we were welcoming a new brother to the family–that is to say, my wife’s little sister got married. While there, I found myself… Continue reading Romania, October 2013

Lombok: Not Yet, Paradise

Not Yet, Paradise Lombok, August 2013 A certain pleasure drips from the dawn’s soft glow, a sure peace rises as a mist over the curling waves, a hand like liquid fire grips all under the rising sun. Morning rings over the not-so-distant volcano—dark slumber jolts in favor of the blue, of the cascading surf, of… Continue reading Lombok: Not Yet, Paradise

A Roof of One’s Own

Down the sterile, stagnant hall, a door was open: Exit.  Stairs.  She and I had nothing pressing, so I squeezed her hand in mine, and we stepped through—through and the musk was scattered by a breeze, through and up a short half-flight, through and we arrived on the unguarded roof. The tight confines of the… Continue reading A Roof of One’s Own

Indonesia v. Liverpool FC

Jakarta, July 20, 2013 Flares sizzle, hiss, and menace angry orange, smoke pours from mouths of pounding fireworks, and the chants and rants of frantic, unison youth rumble and split the sticky fog of sweat and fumes.   On the pitch, men sprint and kick, give rise to frenzied shouts of hordes ringing round, hordes… Continue reading Indonesia v. Liverpool FC

Kadillac Ranch — Amarillo TX

The grills are buried so symmetrically and fins spiked so precisely, so aligned, that in the whip of earthbound dust and heave of heaven’s blue, we know it’s by design.   We gather there, we passing masses dragged from freeway travel, all to leave our mark on rusted hulls, these psychedelic flags which speak to… Continue reading Kadillac Ranch — Amarillo TX

Book Review — Every Seed Of the Pomegranate

Every Seed of the Pomegranate, Every Perspective of the War Sullivan, David Allen. Every Seed of the Pomegranate. Tebot Bach, 2012. 116 pp. $16. Paperback In his preface to Every Seed of the Pomegranate, poet David Allen Sullivan recounts his initial trepidation at crafting a book of Iraq War poems as a civilian who “had… Continue reading Book Review — Every Seed Of the Pomegranate