Pulau Seribu: Indonesia’s Maldives?

The Thousand Red Question Marks: We’d heard the horror stories: trash so thick that the beach was rendered useless; reefs a wasteland choked by the city’s rampant pollution; facilities more abysmal than relaxing. But we still had to go—we just had to.   Even before moving to Jakarta we had our eyes on Pulau Seribu—that… Continue reading Pulau Seribu: Indonesia’s Maldives?

New Home

  Sometimes I wake and walk outside to a world that smells funny.  I don’t think I’m the only one—probably 20 million other Jakartians could say the same.  No one can really explain what it is, though.  Maybe it’s ten million motorbikes’ exhaust trapped under tropical clouds sagging heavy under the weight of their water… Continue reading New Home